Featured Hydroponic Marijuana For Patients

If you are a California medical cannabis patient with a valid recommendation, it is easy to sign up with and receive our products and services. All you have to do is fill out the form to the right (pre verify form) and once we confirm your recommendation, we will contact as soon as possible and deliver any place in the Inland Empire. Its as simple as that. If you are having issues, please call 951-526-4127




This website is intended for California Medical Cannabis Patients. In compliance with Prop. 215 & S.B. 420. This information is not intended for any other purpose, illegal or otherwise

Home to the best medical cannabis in Riverside County! NO JOKE! IEMMD is a collective that proudly stands for compassion, safe-access, quality and helping patients in need!

IEMMD is a legal medical marijuana collective featuring an outstanding delivery-service specifically for patients who live in the Inland Empire. Based out of Lake Elsinore, California IEMMD strive to provide safe-access, compassion and a higher-quality of medical cannabis for patients who are unable to make the commute to Orange County or Los Angeles. We are in compliance with The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and S.B. 420.

IEMMD provide medical marijuana for patients who have a medical-condition, valid California I.D. and pre-verified doctor recommendation. Our cannabis is strictly for medical-use only and is not intended for any other purpose, illegal or otherwise.

MEDICATION The medicinal-strains of cannabis grown by our members are exceptional in quality and potency. Using member feedback, we continue to develop the information and technology that help us to provide top-shelf medication that can be used for therapeutic benefits, well-being or for a specific symptoms like nausea, vomiting, pain and diarrhea.

OUR PROMISE TO OUR MEMBERS delivery services are provided by members who are State-Registered Health care Providers.

We promise to provide safe access, compassion and quality medicine. IEMMD use GreenLife which is the same patient-database used by California physicians for their medical records; therefore, insuring the highest level of medical-database security.

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