LA Cheese *Top Shelf*

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**SPECIAL 2oz for $380** As the name would suggest, LA Cheese genetics consist of the popular cross between LA Confidential and Cheese. Being a Indica-dominant Hybrid, the effects of LA Cheese are full-bodied and slightly stoney. It’s pleasant on the mind while being heavy on the body. Very euphoric, uplifting thought process that makes the mind spacey and your smile wider. All the while, the muscles in your body seem to release tension and begin to relax. All of the stress from the week just seems to evaporate a few seconds after a hit from the toro bubbler. Despite the effects of LA Cheese being really heavy (considered ~90% Indica / 10% Sativa), it has the unique ability to keep you up-beat and motivated to get work done. It’s not as tiring as some strong Indica-dominant strains, making LA Cheese most popular among patients seeking pain-relief all day without feeling like its time for a nap. LA Cheese is also believed to be a good strain for patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. As far as this batch goes, the smell was very intriguing; it’s a bit spicy and ‘kush-like’ (presumably from the LA Confidential) with undertones of fruitier cheese.

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